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Editing or Deleting Folders and Documents


Documents and folders can be renamed or deleted anytime.  To do either go to the Documents section located within Our Community.

Editing or Deleting a Folder

  • Select the row of the folder you wish to edit and click the Edit button

 You can easily:

  1. Update a folder name
  2. Change who can view documents within the folder
  3. Delete it*

    4.  Click Save once your edits are complete or click Okay to confirm deleting the            folder.

* All documents must also be deleted within a folder before you can delete it.  To learn how to delete a document see below.

Editing, Delete, Move or Download a Document

Select the row by clicking in the blank space to the right of the document you wish update as seen below.

Select the icon that corresponds to the action you wish to take.  The chart below outlines what each icon represents.

Move To 
Move document to another folder
Download to your computer
Delete This File 
Delete document from the platform
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