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Posting a Message or Community Notice on the Loop


The loop is the central community forum to share information with your neighbours, stay up to date with important building information, and share great ideas with others in your community.

The loop can be used by building administration to share important notices or used by residents to arrange social events and ask common community related questions.

Posts can be seen by everyone in the building so make sure what you write is appropriate for mass distribution! 

Posting to the Loop
Managing Your Loop Posts
Posting a Community Notice


Posting to the Loop

  • Select The Loop on the left navigation and click in the field Share something with your community...


  • Enter the subject and message body


Other post options:

Allow comments to this post - if you would like to allow comments on your loop post (administrators only)

Send email notification - Send an email to each registered user with the post details and a link to view any associated commentary (administrators only)

Attach file(s) attach any photo(s) or document(s) you want to append to your message.


Managing Your Loop Post's

As council you can manage a Loop message after you've posted it.

Click on the down arrow on the top right corner of your loop post to reveal the following options:

View post detail page - Click here to view the post distinctly from all others on a separate page

Close/Allow replies to this post - You can choose to either close or allow replies to your post depending on how you set it when you first posted your message.

Delete this post - Select if you want to delete your post.  As an administrator to your community you can delete any post on the loop is deemed inappropriate or violates the terms of use (if your council has created one).

Watch a Post -  Click this icon   to watch a post and also filter it when you click the Only show watched posts checkbox located under the Share something with your community field.


Posting a Community Notice:

As a Council or Board Member you will occasionally need to post a notice of an important or urgent nature such as the publication of meeting minutes, security alerts or maintenance updates. 

The Loop’s Community Notice feature highlights these notices within The Loop and pushes an email and an iOS notification to all registered members of your Bazinga community. 

Note:  Only administrators in your community can post a Community Notice. 

  • Click on ‘The Loop’ section in the left navigation
  • Click in the box that says 'share something with your community’
  • Click the tab that says ‘Community Notice’.


  • Enter your desired message (you must include both a subject and message) Optional: Attach a file(s) to your notice if applicable
  • Click Allow comments to this post if you would like registered residents to provide feedback or leave unchecked if you want to prevent responses.
  • Send email notification - This is checked by default and will send an email to each registered user with the post details and a link to view any associated commentary
  • Click Post to publish your Community Notice or click ‘Cancel’ to cancel your notice (all text and attachments will be lost).


See also Posting a Message to the Loop for non-urgent or regular posts.

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