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Roles & Permissions


Bazinga grants different permissions to registered users depending on their role in your community.

Administrative roles include Council Members, Property Managers and Developers.

Other roles like Owner, Tenant and Occupant have restricted access which allows them to read and post to the Loop, view certain documents and send messages.

Role Type



Owner Person or party listed on title of unit No
Tenant Person or party listed on tenancy agreement with Owner No
Occupant Person living in a unit, is neither an owner or tenant No
Council Member Person who sites on the community's board or HOA Yes
Caretaker Person responsible for repair and maintenance of common property No
Committee Member Person appointed by the council to perform some service or function for the community (e.g. Committee Member - Landscaping) No
Property Manager A person or firm charged with operating a real estate property for a fee.



Permission's Matrix:


Administrator vs. Resident View of Member Profiles

Resident's such as owners, tenants and occupants are limited with what details they can see on member profiles.  The view is restricted to protect the personal information of the individual members in your Bazinga community.

Community administrators on the other hand can see more information in order to maintain the accurate records of the people within their community.  

See below for an example of what a community administrator can see vs. a resident.


Administrator View

Resident View

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