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Maintaining Unit Item Lists (Parking stalls, keyfobs, storage lockers...)


Maintaining up-to-date lists of unit specific items like key fob numbers, parking stall and storage locker allocations can get messy.  Bazinga keeps these lists easy to manage and links each item to a resident's profile.

Bazinga will manage unit items including:

  • Bike Stalls
  • Enterphone numbers
  • Keyfobs
  • Parking stalls
  • Storage Lockers

Unit Items are found by clicking Our Community on the left navigation pane and then selecting Unit Items.


Searching Unit Items

You can search on any unit item by entering a word or number in the 'Find a unit item' search field.

  1. Select the item you would like search (e.g. parking stall)
  2. Enter your search term (can be numbers or letters)

A list matching your search will appear instantly.  You can also search all unit items by keeping the filter set to 'All Items'.


Assigning Unit Items to Units

Unit Item lists are entered into your community by Bazinga We do our best to make sure the data is properly linked to the resident's units.

Administrators of your Bazinga community can maintain and update the lists once the initial setup is completed.

These lists are only available to customers who subscribe to our premium package.

To learn more about our premium offering see our pricing page. 


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