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Add or Update an Amenity


Adding an Amenity

The Bazinga Customer Success team will assist you if you a require a new amenity to be added to your community.  Please email support@mybazinga.com with the amenity details as follows:

  1. Amenity name
  2. An image of the room/space (optional)
  3. The floor the amenity is located on

We'll enter the above information for you and the rest of the amenity details such as availability day and time, description, special notes about the room/space and setting the assignee (if bookable) can be entered by an administrator within your community.

 Updating an Amenity

Start with going to the Amenities section in the left navigation.

Select the amenity you'd like to update and click the Edit button.


As an administrator you can update the below fields

Details Section

Amenity Name - (mandatory)

Location - (optional) Select the building and floor of where the amenity is located.  Additional notes about accessing the amenity can be also be added. 

Image - Upload an image of the amenity

About - Enter your community's rules or guidelines regarding use of the amenity.

Call to action - (Optional) A call to action button can used to re-direct users to external or internal URL.  


Opening Hours Section

Set the hours per day the amenity is available for use.  If open 24/7 check the This amenity is always open check box.  

Check  Closed if the amenity is not open at all on a particular day. 



Booking Settings Section

Bookings - If this amenity requires a community administrator's approval in order to book, check off This amenity is bookable.

Default Assignee the community admin responsible for managing the amenities' booking.

The assignee is notified via email when a booking for the amenity has been made. The community admin responsible can then approve or deny the booking through the Help Desk section.

For communities with multiple buildings, the Accessible buildings feature can be used to only allow residents of a specific building(s) to view/book an amenity.

Provide any special instructions or information to be requested during the booking process.

Attach a downloadable attachment such as a amenity checklist or terms of use document.  The requestor will be presented with an option to download the form during the booking process.


Click Save and you're finished.

Next, see how to approve or decline Submissions for Amenity bookings.

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