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Administration Panel


Customize your community with the help of the Admin Panel feature and Bazinga's Customer Success team.

The below steps outline how to update your community name and your unit and resident lists to make your community feel more like home.


Changing Your Community Name

1. Select the Admin Panel icon located on the top right corner of the screen ()

2. Click the Edit button in the Community section of the Admin Panel

3. Update your community name

4. Click Save


Submitting Your Unit & Resident List

To begin, click the Admin Panel icon () located next to your community on the top right corner of the screen.

Select Set up my Units & Residents button

1. Download the unit and resident list template and fill out your data according to the example data within the template:

 Unit List

Resident List


2. Click Select your file button and locate the file on your computer

3. Click Send to upload your completed unit and resident list to Bazinga Customer Success.

The Bazinga Customer Success team will import your unit and resident lists within two business days after submission.




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