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Unit Documents: Viewing, Uploading and Downloading Documents


As a resident in Bazinga you can view, upload and download documents pertaining to your unit specifically.

Go to My Home on the left Navigation pane and then Documents button.




Uploading Documents

Begin by clicking on the blue Attach file button or click New Folder if you want to keep your unit specific documents organized in folders.

Your computers file explorer will open where you can locate the document you want to upload.

Click Open to upload document

Alternatively, files can also uploaded by dragging and dropping files from your desktop computer.


 Viewing and Downloading Documents

Select the document you want to view or download under the Documents section.

PDF documents can be viewed using the PDF viewer built into your browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer).

The download and printing options for documents vary depending on the browser you're using to access Bazinga.


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